What Does a Realtor Do?

Taking A Look at What Realtors Do to Help Sell Your Home

You'd be surprised how often I get the question, "what does a realtor actually do?" Well... if we are doing our jobs right, we do a whole bunch, all with the goal of selling your house as fast as possible and getting you the best return.  As you might imagine, there's a lot that goes into this...too much for one blog post!  So let's hit the basic stuff first:

  • Realtors Expertly Evaluate Your Property

There’s a reason for working with a local realtor with local knowledge and local connections - we know the market better than anyone,  because that’s our job. And a crucial part of applying that knowledge is determining the listing price of your home. If similar houses are selling for more than their appraisal values, we’ll know how much higher you should price your house to find the sweet spot to sell quickly. On the flip side, sometimes you’ll need to price it lower in a slumping market. By using a realtor, you take out the “guessing game” that can occur when you try to sell it by yourself.

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Another important aspect to this evaluation period (which we’ve mentioned before) is to “troubleshoot” and try to eliminate problems that may be obvious to the buyer but are being ignored by the seller. Fixing these problems (even though they might be minor) can help you to eliminate problems that will inevitably occur if the buyer determines the home needs work when they order a home inspection. You don’t want a sale derailed by a fix-able issue like bad paint, crummy carpet, or even clutter that might seem fine to you but looks like YUCK to a buyer!

  • Realtors Have Marketing Muscle

According the National Association of Realtors, more than 50 percent of home sales are co-operative sales, meaning that the buyer’s agent works with the seller’s agent to get a deal done. Because of our professional affiliations, we have access to a buyer’s network that just won’t be available to somebody selling a house themselves.  We also have access (and know how to effectively use) the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). The MLS is a national database of homes for sale, which we use to find and market properties online.  Go to HousesForSale.com  and it is as easy as just entering in a zip code!

Go to HousesForSale.com to find your next dream home!

Go to HousesForSale.com to find your next dream home!

  • Using Online Resources

Speaking of marketing properties, the game has changed and a vast majority of house-hunters are using the internet to find their next home.  So you had better make sure people can actually find your house online! A realtor who knows what they are doing will have knowledge of all the available online outlets to sell homes. Listing a home on Craigslist is fine, but there are certain techniques to doing this that the average person just doesn’t know. We do this for a living- it’s our job to know how to maximize online exposure by picking the right time and format to list.

Another thing a realtor has that you probably don’t is their own website! For instance, not only do I offer this blog to give real estate/investing advice, but I also have websites with the sole purpose of advertising properties for sale in the Appleton/Fox Cities. This way, my “web people” can control the SEO (search engine optimization) that makes it easier for people to find YOUR property when they type “home for sale in appleton” or similar search terms into Google. The point: we make it easier for buyers to find your house.  Check out one of my websites at MyHomeDealership.com

  • We Handle the Showings

Let’s be honest here - showing a house can be a big pain in the butt if it’s not something that you are used to doing. It’s your house, so you are obviously attached to it - and attached to selling it! While it’s our job as realtors to do whatever we can to sell your house, we certainly will never have the personal stake in it that you have.  We’ve dealt with so many buyers that we know when somebody wants “extra attention” during a showing, or if they just want to be left alone to browse your property.  Additionally, we are experts (or work with experts) who know how to stage your house to sell. A realtor and the expert interior designers/staging experts that we work with know exactly the right touch to put on your home to make it shine and sparkle in the eyes of the buyer.  Remember, they WANT to be impressed by your home, or they wouldn’t be there in the first place. We’ve made it that much easier to sell your house!

I hope that clears up some confusion!  I'll dig into some more specifics on what realtors do in a future post!


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