Selling a Home on a Busy Street

Selling a home in Appleton, The Fox Valley, or elsewhere? If you are on a busy street, you might be thinking that is a problem - but I've got solutions!

So it’s time to sell your home, but you’re worried because it’s on a high traffic street.  What can we do to maximize our position?  Certainly remember that there’s a buyer for EVERY home!  We need to stick to the basic rules and use what we have to our advantage.  What we have is HIGH visibility!  Being on a street with lots of traffic means lots of free advertising by just getting the right signage out front and having a nice curb appeal.  We still need to follow all the other rules of selling and marketing, but we have a nice advantage of traffic.

On a busy street?  You can still get it sold fast.

On a busy street?  You can still get it sold fast.

Curb Appeal

This is the time to really make sure you have all the right curb appeal and take care of any visibly deferred maintenance on the outside of your home.  Keep the lawn mowed and weeds trimmed (or snow shoveled) as well. The very best thing you can do to assure a quick, proper sale is to take some time and really research the sold comps and the other active listings you are competing with or hire a quality agent who will guide you in properly pricing the home.  From there, it’s all about getting the people to come in and see it!  You’ll certainly want to make sure the main points on the inside are all met as well, but if nobody wants to come in, it won’t matter!

Use The Traffic To Your Advantage!

Because you have drive-by traffic all day, you can take advantage of it and use colorful pennant flags or even balloons to draw their eyes to your “For Sale” sign as they go by.  Putting an extra sign out front to highlight a specific feature is also a nice touch.Something like: “huge backyard”, “fenced yard”, “all new inside”, “must see inside”, “backyard oasis”, or something else that highlights yours home’s best features is helpful to draw buyers in.

"Walkability" is in Your Favor!

Be sure to “create” as much parking as you can.  Having a lot of cars parked in the only driveway available gives the illusion of not having enough space for cars with the busy street.  Also, use your assets!  If you’re close to parks, schools, hospitals, or shopping, be sure to point it all out in your marketing!  Lots of people today prefer to be able to walk to amenities or be near the hospitals, and pointing out how close you are is a positive feature.

How We Can Help

Our real estate team in the Appleton area absolutely LOVES working with these properties, and we even offer special commission programs for anyone who prefers to list these properties with us.  If you choose to hire a professional to list, market, and sell your home, please give us a call or email me now at to find out how we can help.  The offer our brokerage has is so good, we can’t even put it in writing online.   

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