5 Things To Help Sell Your Home In Springtime

Once again, February was one of my BEST months of selling homes.   Even so, many people say that spring is by far the best time to sell your house - and even though I have great sales in late winter, they aren’t completely off. The fact is, in the springtime buyers are thawing out, and April to June is when these home-buyers are searching like crazy.

The flip side is that not only are buyers out in droves, but there are also tons of new listings flooding the market. So if you are listing in the spring months, you want to be sure to go the extra mile to make your home attractive and appealing to buyers! Here are 5 Things You Can Do To Make Your Listing Shine in the Spring!

1) Wash windows inside and out / polish all mirrors

Everybody loves some nice, clean sparkle. Not only is it free for you, but it’ll make your home extra inviting - people are subciously favorable to clean, inviting spaces. So clean up those windows! 

2) Rake the yard / trim back bushes

You might still have some dead leaves and leftover brush in your yard - take the time clean that up. Trim vegetation, cut back bushes and tree limbs, and Clean out dead leaves and debris in your lawn. Don't let overgrown vegetation block the windows or path to the entrance. Well-trimmed bushes and vegetation show buyers that this home has been well cared for! 

3) Transplant yellow flowers 

Did you know that buyers gravitate towards yellow? Yellow induces feelings of happiness, joy, and contentment, and indicate the first signs of spring.  So buy some containers of Tulips, daffodils, or other yellow flowers at your local outdoor center and give potential buyers a little extra visual treat to whet their appetite for your home!

4) Clean curtains, drapes, and blinds

Take those window coverings to your local dry cleaners to be washed, dried, and pressed. Blinds can be placed into the a soapy tub and rinsed off.  Spider webs out, dust out. Crisp, fresh linens in to give add to the "springyness" of your home!

5) Polish floors to glossy splendor

Clean all your rugs, refinish your hardwood floors if they look crummy, and shine that linoleum tll it shines like the sun! Even bleach dull grout…do whatever it takes to make your floors look incredible!

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