How to stage your home for maximum exposure

Selling your house in Appleton, Green Bay, or the Fox Valley?  If you are, chances are a realtor can help you stage your house for maximum sell-ability.  You've probably heard that staging is a great idea....because it is! 

But if you decide to go the for sale by owner route or you are responsible entirely for doing your own staging, the following tips might make the difference between making a quick sale and having to wait it out a while.

Remember, staging makes a HUGE difference to potential buyers who want to see themselves living in YOUR home! Here's how to do it right.

10 TOp home staging Tips:

1. De-clutter To the Max

Clutter is a big no-no, so if you need to store items, throw old junk out, or even have a monster garage sale, do it before you start showing the house. Getting excess clutter out of the house will make a realtor's job much easier, and you'll feel way better if you get this task out of the way before you start trying to make a sale.

Less clutter means more focus on the good stuff...your home!

Less clutter means more focus on the good stuff...your home!

2. Group Furniture to increase livable space

Create more "livable" space by moving furniture away from walls.  This will make spaces seem more functional and help people imagine themselves having a great time in the space, whether it be reading their favorite book or snuggling in for a long night of watching their favorite tv show.

3. Give Purpose to Your Rooms  

Make sure every room in the house has a purpose. Got a cozy nook being used to house a bunch of random stuff? Turn it into an office nook with a nice chair and desk, or even throw a lamp in there to create a space to read or study. Don't make people guess what a space should be used for- inspire them!

4. it's all about the right light

Before putting your house on the market, go through and update the lighting. Go for higher wattage bulbs so buyers can really see what the house has to offer. Dim and gloomy is a definite no-go!

5. Paint for Space

Painting two adjacent rooms the same color will make them seem as if the space flows, instead of being divided.  This leads to the illusion of more space!

Using neutral hues will help spruce up a room

Using neutral hues will help spruce up a room

6. Use Neutral hues

Neural hues like warm tan colors are a way to direct attention from finishes that are old and dated. These colors help "spruce up" the room. A pro trick!

7. Your Walls Deserve the Best

Spacing your art or photos creatively on the wall is a better way to present it than hanging everything on one high line.  Being creative helps the space to stand out.

8. Bring the outside...inside! 

Creating natural centerpieces such as buds and blooms can make your space seem nice and cheerful, and bring a touch of "aliveness" to the space that will certainly appeal to visitors!

Use some nature to create a cozy effect!

Use some nature to create a cozy effect!

9. Don't skimp on the bedrooms

Buying a nice set of linens and blankets for the beds creates an inviting atmosphere that will make the buyer feel right at home. (It doesn't have to be expensive, just shoot for modern and inviting!)

10. Finish Strong

Painting bathroom tile, doing a quick fix to broken floorboards, and putting new faces on kitchen cabinets are all "quick fixes" that are well worth your time. Face it, buyers notice things like that- so take them out of the equation.