Finding Your Dream House in The Fox Cities

Did you ever see that show called "cribs" on MTV?  

It was super popular about 10 years ago, and it seems you couldn't turn the dial without seeing it on, no matter what time of day.  The formula for the show was perfect- show famous people in awesome houses! I mean, who doesn't want to watch that, right?

The funny thing about that show was that many of the "dream houses" looked exactly the same. It's what we call the "McMansion" syndrome.  Basically a McMansion is a big huge mansion that looks just like all the other big huge mass-produced mansions. How boring.

The truth is, we all strive to successful in our own way, and a lot of being successful means living a life that reflects your success.  So of course you'd want to have you "dream house" if you can afford it.  But the truth is, one person's dream house looks different than another persons. Have you seen the "tiny house" movement?  Some people are actually choosing to live in minuscule little houses not because they can't afford anything else, but just because...they want to.

So I'm giving you permission to look for a dream house that isn't a McMansion! The truth is, most houses that big are just kind of a pain in the butt in the first place. (Just ask my friend Steve Cook, founder of Lifeonaire, who had the McMansion but found himself completely drained trying to maintain that lifestyle).

So what does your dream house look like?  

Here are some of the things that might make your house a dream-- not everybody needs four stainless-steel refrigerators or an indoor go-cart track to be happy!

1. Community

I talked about this recently when I mentioned what a great community the Fox Cities/Appleton has going for it.  Who wants to live on their own private island with nobody around to share it with?  Not me! I want to be around a vibrant, thriving community. 

2. Safety

Safety is one of the first things people think about when they shop for a house, and for good reason. Everybody wants to feel safe and secure all the time.  It's such a nice feeling to feel you can leave your door unlocked without anybody stealing your tv or rummaging through your jewelry.  That's why I try to steer people towards neighborhoods and places that have reputations for being safe and peaceful. 

3. Comfort

Having your dream house is all about comfort, whatever that may mean for you.  Maybe your comfort level calls for three bathrooms, maybe it calls for one.  

Maybe you need a finished basement, but maybe your dream is to finish your basement yourself.  Maybe you want a house that a family can grow into, but maybe your family is grown and you just want a peaceful little spot to retire to. I say it's ALL good!

The truth is, your dream house is YOUR dream!  And I love helping people realize their dreams...that's why, for me, being a realtor and investor is the best job in the world!