Things to Think Of Before You Buy a House

Keep the following in mind before you buy a home!

Are you in the market to buy a home?  If so, you probably have at least an inkling of what you really want your new abode to have. Maybe a big yard, 3 bathrooms, and stainless steel appliances are on your list.  And why shouldn’t they be?  It’s great to know what you want in a home. 

However, before you take the plunge and buy your next home, you should consider some of the factors that you haven’t thought of previously.  In fact, the HOME itself might be the one thing you should put to the side, at least momentarily, even though it is THE THING you are buying.  

My point is, you are not only buying the home, you are buying the REAL ESTATE….meaning that you are purchasing the land that your new little spot of heaven lies upon.  And that land, or specifically the area that the land sits on, should be something you consider before making your purchase.  So based upon that fact,  here are some factors I invite you to consider before buying your next home in Appleton or anywhere else.

1. Walkability Score

What is the walkability score?  Well, it’s an estimation of how “walkable” your home is.  Meaning, how close are parks, shopping, dining, etc., and are you able to walk to these places or do you have to drive?  (For instance, in Appleton, some of the most walkable areas are Downtown and Grand Chute.  In Green Bay, some of the most walkable areas are Downtown, Navarino, and Seymour Park.  In Milwaukee, some of the most walkable areas are Downtown, The Third Ward, and Eastside. )

Starting to see a trend here? Many areas are seeing a huge resurgence in downtown areas because of the increased desire of buyers to be in walkable areas and have access to the influx of new services and conveniences that cities are offering as a direct result of this change in attitude.

And I don’t see anything deterring this trend soon, so as far investments go, don’t be afraid to shop for something in these areas.

2. Services & Education

If you have a family (or planning on having one in the future) then public services should be a major consideration.  Mainly I’m talking about schools here.  When you are shopping for a family home, you are not only shopping for a place to live— you are also shopping for piece of land that will probably dictate where your children go to school.  And let’s face it, there can be MAJOR differences between school districts in terms of the quality of education your kids will be getting. 

Other neighborhood services to consider are hospitals, community centers such as the YMCA, fire and police, etc.  Do some research and find out if these local services are up to snuff before putting a bid in on your dream house.

3. Investment Potential

This is an offshoot of the two points we just talked about it.  What is the investment potential of your home should you decide to sell it in 10 years? Will it gain value?

If you purchase a home in an “up-and-coming” neighborhood that has been steadily improving in terms of new businesses and services, you are probably going to see an appreciation in the value of your home.  If you are buying in an aging development next to a major highway, maybe not so much! 

As an investor myself, I definitely urge you to consider what the value of your home will be down the road.  You’ll thank me later!

4. Gut Feeling

I’m going to go a bit off the map here, but let’s talk about the FEELING of your new home.  Sometimes it’s good to get completely out of your head and just take a moment to just picture yourself in your new home and how that would feel.  Take into account the points I talked about earlier here.  If your home has all the things you want PLUS you feel great about it, then go for it.

Happy home hunting! If you are in the Appleton/Fox Cities/Green Bay area and need to buy or sell a home, contact me today!