5 Traits I Developed as an (Appleton) Realtor


Being a realtor in Appleton, The Fox Cities, and Green Bay can be a fun job, but it takes a lot of different character traits to be successful in helping your clients achieve their goals.  While I would say I'm definitely born with a knack for connecting people, some of the traits that have made me a successful realtor in Appleton have certainly been developed and honed along the way.  

Here are 5 traits I've developed while being an Appleton Realtor-- if you see some of these same traits in yourself, you might consider joining us in the Real Estate Game!

1. Realtors Need a Positive Attitude

I'm not ranking these in order-- except for number one!  Being a positive person and showing that each and every time you show up to work is a MUST for a successful realtor.  

I feel like I have a chance to touch people's lives every day, and I make it a point to show up with a great attitude every day.  Whatever happens on any given day, if I can say I showed up with a great attitude the day is a success!  The thing is, having a positive outlook on life often spills into the rest of my work, leading to good things all around for myself and my clients.

2. Realtors Need Patience

It certainly takes patience to balance some of the demands with completing a successful transaction, or helping two parties work out a deal, or even to deal with some clients who might not bring their positive attitudes to meet me halfway.  That's why I try to practice patience everyday-- while still pushing hard to get houses sold FAST for my clients.

Helping people is what I do...plain and simple!

Helping people is what I do...plain and simple!

3. Realtors Need People Skills

People, people, people.  Some might say being a realtor is all about the houses, but for me, it's all about the people.  I've written on this blog before about how every time I deal with an investment property, I look for a win-win situation.  I'm the same when I'm acting in the capacity of Realtor!

Being a Realtor in Appleton is all about connecting people with other people, people with properties, and properties with people.  Almost every day I meet or have a phone conversation with a new person, it seems.  

And though I've developed my people skills even more since I've been acting as a professional Realtor in Appleton, it sure helps to already be comfortable and happy dealing with all sorts of people to have success for yourself and your clients when it comes to real estate.

4. Realtors Need To Cooperate 

Since there are so many parties involved in completing a successful sale, being a Realtor requires a huge amount of cooperative spirit-- if you don't cooperate with others you will either go insane, or you won't be a Realtor for long.

So understand that you need help from others to really make your mark as a Realtor, whether you are in The Fox cities or anywhere else.  I'm proud to say I've always tried to work with people who have some of the same values as me, and that certainly makes it much easier!

5. Realtors Need To Be YOUR Best Friend

You wouldn't think it, but being a Realtor in Appleton and the Fox Cities is really sometimes like being a family friend, a counselor, and a teammate, all rolled into one.  

When clients get frustrated or things don't go right (which they sometimes do), being a Realtor often means you have to step up and help make the situation better, not worse.  And sometimes people bring issues to the table that you would never see coming, but you need to deal with anyway. 

It all goes back to being a people person and having a great attitude. (It also doesn't hurt to have a great knack for business and be a little entrepreneurial yourself, but I'll save that for another post).

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