5 Things I Learned About Real Estate and Life in Guatemala

Since last week's blog posts, a couple of you have reached out to me to ask about my Lifeonaire mission trip to Guatemala, which I mentioned in my post last week about Appleton, Wisconsin and what to look for in a good community.  So I thought that I'd take a little time to revisit my trip and, since this is a real estate blog, circle back around and tell you some of the things I learned in real estate (and in life) during this fantastic journey. 

1. Life, adventures, and work are better when you have a good team #teamwork #appleton #realtor #lifeonaire

I was super-fortunate to go on this trip with some really amazing people who happen to share very similar interests- and values- as me!  This was a Lifeonaire trip, and if you haven't heard of lifeonaire, I've written several times about my experiences applying the Lifeonaire principles in the pursuit of living a more abundant life.  

As I mentioned, I was accompanied by some great people, including Steve Cook (founder of Lifeonaire) and Eric Lundberg (founder of the Milwaukee REIA and LocalREI Coach).  I work with both of these gents quite frequently, and to have them along on the trip with me was incredible support.

Not only that, but I had an opportunity to bring my daughter along on the trip and include her on the eye-opening adventure.  Our goals: to build a home for a family in need.  

That's right, this was no pleasure cruise.. we had the goal of providing housing for people that just don't have the resources that we are all blessed with.  

And we worked hard, long hours!  I really couldn't have done it without the amazing team of people I had with me to encourage, guide, and Talk about a gratifying experience.  And that brings me to my next point...

2.  Do things with heart #heart #appleton #realtor

I think you can truly do anything if it comes from the heart!  It was amazing to see our hard work and efforts come together.  As I reflect on it almost a year later, I realize that this isn't too different from the work I try to do everyday as a Realtor, real estate coach, and real estate investor... I try to do everything with heart, and I think that's why I have success. But this trip sure was a fantastic reminder that when your heart is in the right place, things sometimes go more smoothly than you can imagine.

3.  Be grateful for your blessings #grateful #appleton #realtor

Nothing is a more stark reminder of how vast our blessings are than visiting a third-world country with a notably lower standard of living.  When you see trash on the streets and squalor all around, you realize that things such as infrastructure and basic services which are so easily accessible in the United States just aren't present in these countries.

 Hearing about it is one thing, but seeing it and being around it is another thing entirely.  It's so incredibly eye opening I have even trouble describing the difference between the way of live there versus our way of life.

We really are so blessed here in this country, and definitely in the Fox Valley.  After this trip, I try to actively engage in gratitude each and every day, because I know that the roof over my head, the water I drink, and the people in my life are true blessings!

4.  Enjoy the experience #enjoy #appleton #realtor

Doing the job I do, I know that every day will look different.  Some days are mellow, some days are super-busy, and some days are super-super-busy.  And I really never know who I am going to meet or what might arise.  It's all part of being a real estate professional.  And most days are good, but like us all, occasionally I'll let the fast-paced nature of life wear me down a big.

But in Guatemala, I saw people in very very undesirable circumstances who were really having an amazing time just living!  These are people who had nothing, but really acted like they have everything!  

I realized not only that attitude is a crucial part to living a good life, but also that every day is a different experience, and you never know what that experience will bring.  So if you have the feeling that everything will be a learning tool for you and a chance to grow, you will enjoy life more, and make life more enjoyable for the people around you.


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