Who You Should Notify Of Your Move

There sure are a lot of things to think about after your house* is sold.  Besides boxing up your stuff for the move, there are many people, professional services, organizations, etc., who have to be notified that you have a new address.  So in this blog I thought we would concentrate on giving you a handy list to help you through that process. 

My most important advice in this blog... contact the United States Post Office (USPS) first and do it a minimum of 2 weeks before the move!

Click here to go directly to the United States Post Office online address change form


While the list below is not a complete one of absolutley everyone, one thing to remember is as you get mail/emails from different utility, professional services, family/friends, etc., check that they are on the list and add specific names and phone numbers next to their profession.  YES, it is overwhelming but if you deal with it as it comes, it should help reduce your stress.  AND, who does not like a good list that you can mark things off showing you notified them of the move and your new mailing address?  

*If you are moving from a rental/lease don't forget to contact your landlord a minimum of 4 weeks before the move.


Approximately four weeks before you move you should contact any utility services.  These companies will need to know about your move telling them the old address and the new one too.






Internet Provider

Landline/Cell Phone

Trash Collectors


The following government offices should also be aware of your move:

City/County Tax Assessor

State Vehicle Registration - click here to change address online

Social Security Administration (SSA) - click here to change address online

State/Federal Tax Bureau (IRS) - click here to change address online

Veterans Administration (VA) - click here to change address online

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) - click here to change address online


Besides all of the utility services you need to contact any professional services you use.  My recommendation would be to contact them approximately two weeks before the move, but in many cases four weeks is not out of the question as long as all details are 100% complete with the purchase of the new property. 

Doctors – Medical, Eye, Specialists, Veterinarian


Accountant/Financial Planner – 401K, Personal Investments, Retirement Fund


Insurance Agency – Health, Auto, Home

Banks/Credit Unions/Finance Companies

Credit Card Companies – General, Retail-Clothing/Department Stores, Gas


Home Security

Housecleaning Services

Health Club/Gym/Sports Club

Landscaper/Lawn Care/Snow Removal Services

Dry Cleaner/Laundry Services

College Alumni Organizations/Fraternities/Sororities

Hair and Nail Salon/Spa

Pet Groomer/Pet Boarding

Subscriptions - Magazines, Newspapers, Newsletters, Other Publications

Loyalty/Reward Programs - Pharmacy/Drugstores, Frequent Flyers, Hotels

Children’s Schools/Daycare

Charitable Organizations/Volunteer Programs

Professional Associations – For Business, Interests, Hobbies

Car Rental/Transportation Services/AAA


Food Service Delivery

Church/Religious Organizations

Family and Friends (use your last Christmas card list!)

Amazon/Ebay/PayPal…the list goes on and on…

It is a crazy long list but do not get overwhelmed as updating can be done in pieces.  Start with the ones that you feel are most important to you.  If you have tried any apps, or have any tricks to helping with address notifications, please comment below.  I am sure everyone could use a few nice time saving tips!