HOT HOT HOT Real Estate Market! Sellers Needed!

Visit Today!

Visit Today!

On the calendar it says it's Spring, but in some areas, like Appleton and the Fox Cities, we're still seeing snow and some cooler weather.  Well I'm sure everybody is ready for warmer weather, green grass, and flowers...I know I am!  So with warmer weather, more people are thinking about buying a new home and/or selling their existing home.  Did you know that our local real estate market is already HOT HOT HOT?   The market is the strongest I have seen in a long time.  If you're thinking of selling, NOW is the time to call and get things set up!

Why?  Well for many reasons: 

1.  Rent is climbing so it makes sense to put those hard earned dollars into a real estate investment.  Yes, it is likely one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make, but no longer should you be asking yourself this question, “Should I Buy or Should I Rent”?  There are many mortgage programs to choose from and interest rates are still low (call or email us for help finding a qualified local lender).

2.  The economy always plays a factor in the housing market and this year is no exception.  With consumer confidence rising, people worry less about making larger purchases, and are ready to take the plunge.  Remember just a few years back when gas prices were rising and many people delayed purchasing a new vehicle or quickly downsized to smaller vehicles to save on gas?  People react in the moment and this is a good time to think about investing in real estate. 

3. The overall attitude towards this feeling and confidence makes this a good time to sell a home to get top dollar.  However, there is still a shortage of homes on the market right now.   Buyers are lining up, which is sure to have sellers getting great offers, with fewer contingencies, on their property.  We NEED more sellers.  Ready?  Let's talk!  

The market started out hotter than usual earlier this year and we are entering what is typically known as the busy home-shopping season.   Inventory is low on houses for sale.  I have buyers looking for properties through-out the Fox Valley area.  It is not unusual for homes to not even hit the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) since they are put up for sale and purchased before the real estate sign even hits the seller's yard.  Let us do the homework and share with you what you can expect to receive in the sale of your home in this market.

Do not hesitate to contact me today to talk about listing your house soon.  Even if you are just “thinking” about selling, let’s talk!