Selling Your House... Clean Up The Dirt!

One of the top 5 reasons that homes don’t sell seems to be the one that people keep ignoring.  I’m constantly inside homes for sale throughout Green Bay, Appleton and the rest of the Fox Cities and I keep seeing the very same thing….DIRT! 

People are getting the message on many of the other top things to do to get a home ready like curb appeal, decluttering, taking down personal items, etc.  However, for some reason they keep missing the dirt and grime.  Some are even downright disgusting!  I’m not even talking about $20,000 homes or foreclosures.  I’ve recently only been in homes that are listed for sale between $300,000 and $500,000.  Really!?!  Come on people.  This will NOT work!


When a buyer is coming to see a home for the first time they will see all the stuff you have gotten used to and don’t notice anymore.  Those dirty spots and scrapes on the walls and floors, the dust all over, the cobwebs from the ceiling to the chandelier, etc.  It begins a buyer’s trail to thinking that there is a lot of deferred maintenance and lack of care on the property.  It takes them down a road that begins with disgust.

If your carpets are stained, have them replaced or at least cleaned.  Hire a wood floor company to help you with large gaps in the planks (and adjust the humidity in your home to avoid this problem) and to take care of the scratches or rubbed off stain from wear.  Put a fresh coat of paint on the walls if they are dirty and/or tired.  For Heaven’s sake, call a reputable cleaning company to go through and give your entire home a deep clean!  They will make sure your oven doesn’t look like Thanksgiving dinner blew up in there 5 years ago.  They will scrub clean your bathroom tub/shower and other fixtures.  They can make sure all the dust, grim and cobwebs are gone!  Windows will be cleaned, light fixtures will be rid of old bugs, and kitchen crevices will be spotless.  All of the things you’ve been meaning to do will be done and your home will sell faster and for a higher price!  That’s the number one thing everybody seems to be missing today.  Having a clean home goes a long way for a better sale even if the home is not perfect in other ways.

Keep in mind that if you have pets, your home is likely much dirtier than you even realized.  The pet hair, the scratched floors, doors and trim, these are all things that need to have your attention; not to mention the wet nose marks and slobber on the windows!  Take time to take care and you will have a MUCH better selling experience.  You can also give us a call and we will be sure to have it all taken care of FOR you.  All those things that you stopped noticing about your home a long time ago, we can take care of it and bring you a higher price in a faster period of time…guaranteed!

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