Appleton Wisconsin & What Makes a Great Community

4 Things That Make a Great Community - Like Appleton!

I live and work in the Appleton/Fox Cities area, and I've called the Fox Valley home for my entire life.  I consider myself lucky to be able to say that!  In my maybe-a-little-biased opinion, the region of Wisconsin that I live in is the best place on earth!  

Sure, I like to get out of the Appleton area once in a while and hit up the beaches of Mexico, or take a mission trip ( see here to see my post about my eye-opening trip to Guatemala,) or even head up to the Lake (further) up north just like anybody else does.  

Let's face it, we don't live in Wisconsin for the mild winters or the sandy beaches.  But the fact is, there are several factors that make the Fox Cities such a great place to live!  

Maybe you don't call Appleton home, but if you are searching for a new community to grow your roots, the truth is that there are similarities between any area that I'd consider "ideal".  So what do I think makes a great community? Here you go!

1.  Natural Beauty

Like I said, we can't all live next to the beach, or in the mountains, or next to a giant waterfall that lulls us to sleep every night.  Okay, maybe waterfalls would actually keep me awake, but you get my drift!  But those are just a couple examples of beauty, and we sure do have a ton here in the Fox cities.  

The Fox River is gorgeous!

The Fox River is gorgeous!

Beautiful lakes, evergreen trees, rolling hills-- as far as I'm concerned, Wisconsin is one of the most naturally beautiful states in the whole dang union!  And Appleton, Oskhosh, Neenah, Green Bay, and all the other places in the whole Fox Valley are no different.  For somebody who loves nature but also wants to be able to be tuned into a vibrant community ...this is the place to be!  

2.  Like-Minded People

Let's be honest here-- different places have all different types of people!  Some places, you just have to watch your back all the time.  And one of the things I appreciate about the Fox Valley is just how darn nice everybody is.  I always enjoy visiting other parts of the country, but I just find that there are always people here willing to lend a helping hand when you need it.  

And the people of Wisconsin have developed a reputation for being friendly not just when they want something out of you-- we're solid all the time!  So if you value good people that you know will have your back no matter what, this is a place where that couldn't be more real.

3.  Camaraderie

Nothing says "Pride" like The Pack!

Nothing says "Pride" like The Pack!

Okay, I'll admit it, I'm talking about...sports! Nothing builds camaraderie among a community like rooting for your hometown sports team.  And since we're talking about The Fox Cities, we're talking about GREEN BAY!  That's right, we've got the Packers! Nothing sums up the spirit of Wisconsin like America's most successful and storied football teams.  When autumn rolls around in this area, there's a spirit in the air like no other when it comes to the shared joy of cheering for the Pack. 

Okay, maybe you're not into football, or maybe the area you are looking at moving to doesn't have a pro sports team at all.  But that doesn't mean there can't be a sense of camaraderie in the community you are looking at.  So before you move somewhere, get out and about and get a sense of the feeling that you get when you mingle amongst community camaraderie like we have in the Fox Cities is something that just hangs in the air. (In a good way).

4.  Standard of Living

There are a bunch of things that factor into a high standard of living, and in the United States we are SO blessed to have it pretty darn nice.  (I saw firsthand how tough some people have it on my visit to Guatemala last year while helping build houses for some less-fortunate but totally amazing people).  But even amongst this great nation, there are many varieties when it comes to standard of living, and the Fox Cities are pretty high up on that bar!

We are blessed with a high standard of living!

We are blessed with a high standard of living!

The fact is, we have great schools, public services, easy, accessible shopping everywhere you look, and really good community resources.  What more could you ask for?  Not only that, but the housing prices are pretty darn nice here in Wisconsin.  There are some places in the U.S. where you couldn't even afford a one-bedroom apartment for what it costs you here to buy a nice home.

Hey, not everybody can live in Appleton and the Fox Valley.  Not everybody has the Packers.  And not everybody has access to year-round natural wonders that will keep you having fun twelve months out of the year.  But everybody can find a community that has some of the things I mentioned today.  And if you DO want to move up here, we'll welcome you with open arms!  Finally, feel free to contact me personally...I'm an expert when it comes to Appleton and the Fox Cities, cause it's just in my blood!