5 Things a Realtor (Should) Do To Sell Your Home Faster

How I Sell Your Home Faster In Appleton/Green Bay/The Fox Cities

As a Realtor and A Real Estate Investor in the Appleton/Green Bay/Fox Cities area, you might say I move a lot of real estate.  (That would actually be a vast understatement!)  So over the years, I've certainly developed some tried and true methods to help sell properties faster. 

"Wait Jacci," you might say, "Doesn't every Real Estate Agent want to sell my house fast?" Well, yes...but that doesn't mean it actually happens!

Here are 5 Ways I make it easier to sell your home. (Hint, if you aren't looking for a realtor in the Appleton/Fox Cities area, you'll want to look for somebody who has some of the same qualities/experience that I talk about here!)

1. Pricing Your Home To Sell

One of the major benefits to having a realtor help you list and sell your home is that we know the RIGHT price.  Markets rise and fall, and understanding what the sweet spot to list it at is will make your home move must faster.

How do I determine what the right price is? It’s a combination of market conditions, home conditions, neighborhood…and all kinds of additional factors.  Let’s just say that you don’t want to waste time in this department by pricing it too high, or miss out by listing it too low…that’s where I come in.

2. Effective Marketing, Not Volume Marketing

Marketing your home isn’t about volume, it’s about effectiveness.  That’s why I make it a point to use the best marketing strategies, such as social media, local outlets, and even employ my own iPhone app to make moving properties easier and faster.  This is an area where the proof is in the pudding, so make a point to ask your realtor to show you some examples of houses they've sold recently, and how long it took them to move those properties.

3. Networking Matters

Never underestimate the importance of having local knowledge and contacts that keep your Realtor dialed in to who is looking for what. It might sound crazy, but home sales are sometimes made by word of mouth.  Moving properties is definitely about what you know, but don’t forget WHO you know.  And that brings me to...

4. Local Knowledge

As someone who is local to the region I work in (Appleton/Fox Cities), I certainly take pride in having great knowledge about the area.  That comes in ridiculously handy when comes to the real estate business.  I can save buyers and sellers tons of time by being able to identify what will interest said buyers and sellers due to my vast experience in the area that I am working in.

5. Resources & Experience

When it comes to closing the deal, it all comes down to the resources and the experience.  You don’t want  your real estate deals to get held up because of paperwork problems, loan difficulties, etc. Having navigated hundreds of these deals means that I’ve dealt with pretty much everything, so I can identify potential problems early and save people tons of time.

Looking for help selling your home in the Appleton/Fox Cities area? Give me a call! If you aren’t in my area, definitely look for a realtor who has some of the same qualities that I’ve talked about in this blog post!