How To Be a Success In Real Estate (Or Anything Else)

Use these easy tips to get ahead in your life!


I’m super-blessed and fortunate to have a loving family I get to spend lots of time with, a flourishing career in real estate, and to live in the best place in the world! (Appleton people throw your hands up!) Alright, it gets a little cold here in the winter, but what’s the use complaining, right?  And that thought (not complaining) got me thinking about how to be a success in real estate (or anything else), just by keeping in mind a couple of key things - it’s called mindset, people! So here are 5 tips that will help you to be a success in ANYTHING you do!

1. Don’t Complain. 

I know I just mentioned this, but here it is again.  People who are always whining about how tough things are, or how they can’t do this or that because of this or that or the other thing are just plain shooting themselves in the foot! Time spent complaining could be time spend making things happen, or at least doing the things that will fix your problems instead of keeping you dwelling on them. And…nobody likes to be around somebody who is always complaining, so you won’t win any friends by doing so.  And in the real estate business (or any business) your reputation can be affected negatively if you are always a downer.  So keep it positive. Which brings me to my next tip...

2. See the Good!

I’m not asking for wishful thinking here. But if you can be the person who sees the silver lining in everything, let’s just say you will be a popular person to be around! When you see the good in people, places, and things, you’ll amplify that stuff by continuing to move towards where you put your attention. It’s called gratitude, people - embrace it!

3. Cherish Your Work Ethic

Be dedicated the people you work with! Be dedicated to your family. And most of all, be dedicated to yourself! Having these qualities of dedication and care will boost your work - and your work ethic.  And I’m not just talking about working hard, folks - work smart, as well! Maximize your energy and give your all at all times, and good things will happen, no matter what you are doing.

4. Give Yourself Down Time

I know a lot of people who are just plain workaholics.  Heck, sometimes I look at my crazy schedule and think I might be one myself! But when that happens, I make sure to adjust and give myself some downtime, whether it be a day off or a full on vacation.  The truth is, being successful is really really tough if you don’t give yourself time to refresh and recharge.  So take a break and reap the benefits!

5. Say Yes To YOU and NO to Low Priorities

One of the best things I’ve learned in my career is when to say yes and when to say no! This falls in the category of priorities - it’s hard to keep them straight if you are too busy helping other people out to help yourself and your family out. So consider saying no to opportunities that might actually drain your energy so you can say yes to what you need to do to live your best, most successful, happy life!

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