Selling An Empty House - NOT A GREAT IDEA!

Everyone wants to sell their home for the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time!  In order to best market your home, it's wise to show it with furniture and some personal items.  You want your house to feel inviting, open, light and bright.  Having good looking, modern furniture that is well placed and fits the space, is key.  This allows buyers to visualize the actual size of the rooms and how furniture fits.  It also evokes an emotional response that makes the buyers feel like they are in a nice home they want to live in rather than a vacant, empty, cold space.  Before you do anything, your best bet is to get some guidance from a real estate professional (like me!) who can come over and look at your home first before you make any decisions. 

Remove the Clutter

Clutter and poorly placed furniture pieces are huge negatives!  Especially if you have a smaller home or smaller rooms, you do not want to fill up each wall with furniture and lots of knick-knacks.  Find a happy balance of not too much furniture or not too little and keep it simple with the knick-knacks.  Storage is always a big deal for buyers, so don’t be afraid to clean up the clutter in the closets and kitchen cabinets.  I highly suggest taking half of your stuff out of your closets and kitchen cabinets and organize what is left behind.  It's ok to start packing, you're moving soon anyways!  Also, don’t forget about the clutter just sitting out in the open.  Clean up things like dirty dishes and kids or pet toys.       

Out With Dated Furniture

If the style and look do not appeal to a broad audience, it's best to consider removing those pieces.  If your furniture is not in good shape, remove it from your house.  I am not telling you to go buy a whole new house of furniture.  Consider renting some nice pieces or fill in by asking friends and family to borrow some pieces.  Check out consignment and second hand furniture stores since they get in like-new furniture all the time.  Also, don’t forget about rummage/garage sales.  Updating the main pieces…couch, dining room set, and bedroom furniture are all wise investments.  I know, they are not buying your furniture, but it can become a major distraction when they are not looking good.  It can downgrade the entire house.  If you have the ability, this is a boost to shorten your time on market and bring a higher dollar sale price.  Remember, emotion is everything in selling quickly.

Using Professional Home Stagers

Using a professional home stager can be a huge benefit to selling your home fast and for top dollar.  Homes that are staged tend to show much better than homes that are vacant. It gives the prospective buyer a feel for how their furniture will layout and there is no question what certain spaces can be used for.  Also, professional home stagers usually have the most modern and trendy furniture and accessories to help fill in.  Think about it this way, have you ever been in a new home development where they have a spec home staged?  Don't they always look so warm and inviting!  Remember staging means arranging furniture to best showcase the floor plan and maximize the use of space.  This can also be accomplished by using your own furniture so don’t think using a professional home stager means a whole new house of furniture.

Empty houses are cold and depressing!  The percentage of buyers that can imagine how to utilize empty spaces and where to position the furniture is very low.  Most buyers also think their furniture is much larger than it actually is, so seeing something already in the space allows them to understand the dimensions better.  An empty room looks smaller than it actually is.  It just makes sense to NOT sell your house empty. 

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