YES, List Your House During the Holidays!

You hear time and time again, “Let me just get through the holidays”, “Call me after the holidays”, “I’ll wait to buy that after the holidays it will be cheaper”.  These statements are made in reference to many things like buying a bigger purchase, weight loss, appointments you keep putting off, and selling your house.  Well, I am here to tell you that listing your house now is a very smart decision.

In the past everyone thought that spring, the warmer months, was the best time to sell.  The holiday season is so busy with shopping, cooking meals, throwing and attending parties - when would a potential buyer even have time to look at my house?  We are living in a world of instant information with smartphones, tablets, and the internet!  Times have changed of only trekking around with a Realtor going house to house to find the right one.  So much pre-planning can be done in a warm cozy environment.  Yes, there might be extra marketing to sell your home during the colder months.  I get it, even after they have done the pre-planning many people do not like to trek out into the cold and snow, but remember there are still serious buyers, motivated buyers, looking for their perfect home and the cold is not going to stop them.  Besides, when does your home look and feel more inviting and appealing than during the holiday decorating season?

List NOW, why?

Serious home buyers are always looking and the holidays and winter months are no exception.  These buyers will setup profiles and wish-lists so they are getting notifications of listings on their smartphones, tablets, and through emails.  They will find the time before bed, early in the morning, as they are waiting at appointments, events, or even during family holiday get-togethers to check out these listings.  Also, don’t forget that many people have extra time off from their employers so they can take a look at your home during the week instead of having to take time off from work or weekends to schedule something.   Also, if you have a higher priced home, this is the season when lots of white collar professionals are relocating to the area for work.  They take the holiday break to come to town and shop with their families for their new home here in the New Year's relocation.  While everyone else waits for Spring, you could sell your home now to buyers who do not have a home sale contingency as their company pays to relocate them!  The key?  Work with an agent (like me) who works with all the companies relocating new employees to our area!

During these months there is less competition, as they say, the inventory of homes for sale is lighter.   If you have a home that is move-in ready, these motivated “serious” buyers will be happy to see your home, regardless of it being the holiday season, or in the middle of winter.  Many might be motivated to move in quickly, even before the end of the year, so make sure you are prepared for a potential quick sale.  All this can add up to more $$$ in your pocket! Just last week I listed 2 homes for sale on Thursday and BOTH of those homes had multiple offers come in on Monday...that's just 4 days on market.  The inventory is low and the buyers are out!

Many people re-evaluate their housing situation at the end of the year/beginning of the new year.  For tax reasons some may consider buying before the end of the year. Renters see if their finances can handle taking on the investment of a home.  Some people are thinking ahead to spring/summer so they are looking at a second home to call their vacation home, cabin, or lake house. 

If you just don’t want to list during the holidays, OK list in January.  I sell more homes in the month of February than any other month EVERY year!  I have lots of sellers who will tell you of this experience with me!  Remember, motivated buyers are contacting me every month looking for new listings or upcoming potential listings and I would love to tell them about your property.  SO…there really is no wrong time to list but just do not let the holidays or winter months stop you from listing now!   

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