Selling a House in Appleton/The Fox Cities? Here's 4 Tips

4 Tips to sell your house quicker!

I’m pretty familiar with the Appleton/Fox Cities area. Heck, I’ve lived here my whole life, so you could certainly say I’m as “local” as they come. However, the following advice could apply not only when selling a house in Appleton, Green Bay, or the Fox Valley, but pretty much everywhere. So let’s go over some tips you should remember when preparing to list and sell your home.

1.  Find a Good Realtor

My number one piece of advice when selling your house in the Appleton area is to find a good realtor. Okay, maybe I’m a little biased, since I’m a realtor in Appleton myself.  But hey, I wouldn’t be doing something I didn’t believe in as being a great service. I strive to be professional, fair, and honest during all my real estate dealings, whether it be selling a house in Appleton or investing in property myself.  And most realtors of any substance at all will be in the same boat completely.  I know tons of great realtors in the Appleton area, and most are solid gold. 

Some people would rather sell their houses themselves and avoid the commissions and fees that come along with hiring a realtor to sell their home - and this is certainly a viable option. Heck, I even offer a free ebook for people who are going the FSBO route.  But for most people, paying the small percentage to a realtor to help sell their house will be totally worth it. Why? Because they can help you with the following points on my list….

2. List it at the right Price.

Listing your home at the right price is crucial. If you are selling your house in the Fox Cities or Appleton for way higher than homes in comparable neighborhoods with comparable features, I’ve got bad news for you - it’s not going to go very well.  This is where a realtor comes in. Your local realtor will know your market and be able to help you adjust your pricing accordingly. 

3. Stage and Declutter it.

When it’s time to sell, give your home a little interior sheen by either fully staging it (meaning moving your stuff out and putting in temporary furniture to make it look fantastic) or by just decluttering the heck out of it!  If you go the staging route (which can be very effective) your realtor can help you find a staging pro or even help you do it themselves in the interest of selling your home FAST. 

If you aren’t moved out yet or don’t want to go the full staging route, then it’s time to declutter! (Read here to see some of my tips on this topic).  Nobody wants to picture themselves living in a cluttered messy home - so take a little time to clean er’ up!

4. Give it Some Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is crucial! Much like the inside needs to look nice, everybody seeking to buy a house in Appleton or anywhere else will want to know that the home they are buying has the potential to look GREAT for years! If it’s summertime, plant some flowers, paint those window shutters, and trim the weeds. If it’s winter, shovel that driveway and make it look like the place is generally well kept-up. I promise, you’ll be glad you did when your house sells!

Selling Your Home in Appleton/Green Bay/Fox Cities? Feel free to give me a call!