Caution: Don't Miss Out! List Your Home in the Winter!

Common knowledge says that if you live in a winter climate, you should wait til spring to sell your home. But I'm here to challenge that notion! 

Reasons to List Your Home During The Winter Months:

1. Less Competition. 

This may seem like a no brainer, but people still haven't seemed to jump on the wagon. Think about it, if everybody is waiting to list their homes in the spring, there is LESS COMPETITION when it comes to moving your property. This seems like a "DUH" moment, but let me tell, you, it's true.  And here's a fun fact:


(Read above again).

And why is that? Becauuuuuse...

2. Buyers are hungry 

Just because there are less sellers in the winter doesn't mean there are less buyers. Hey, I'm just saying from experience, if people want to buy a home, they are buying a home as soon as they can. They aren't waiting around for the blossoms to pop, or the birds to chirp, or the landscaping to look just perfect. They just want to snag a property. Advantage: seller!

3. You get the jump!

Even if you DO want to make sure you move your house in the spring, it's good to start early preparing your property so you won't lag when spring hits. Sometimes unexpected improvements are necessary, and listing in the spring will suddenly turn into selling in the fall. That means wasted time. And wasted time is wasted money.

So take my word for it: listing in the winter months can pay BIG DIVIDENDS!