"What is My House Worth" Part 2

Selling Your Home In Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkosh, or the Fox Cities?

In my last blog we talked about some things that might add to the value of your home. While most of them had to do with what to look for to add value when buying a home, here's some quick things you can do to add value when selling your home.

There's a difference between actual value and perceived value - but it's a fine line that can be pretty close. Here's how you can add to the perceived value of your home - thereby adding actual value as well! It may require a small investment, but it can pay off big.

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1. Replace landscaping

Adding a little zip to your exterior landscaping can really help the curb appeal. This shows people that you care about your home, and that first impression can go a long way when it comes to planting the seed that this is a house somebody would want to live in!

2. Do some painting

Along the same lines, painting a home is a bit of an expense, but it can be even more important than the landscaping when selling your home.  If the paint is cracking and nasty looking, the chances someone (other than an investor looking for a deal) is going to buy it get a lot slimmer.  When people see peeling paint, their first thought is "Here's a project I have to deal with" and their second thought is "I wonder what else is wrong with this place!"

3. Address a large problem that could pay bigger dividends

If your house has a big problem like a leaky roof or a bad basement, you may want to just avoid the expense and sell it at a steep discount.  However, if you have a little wiggle room, you can actually make money in the long run by taking care of a larger problem. I recommend that you take care of big problems in order to make your house work for buyers, none of whom want to inherit a major problem when buying a home.

4. Don't overprice

One of the rules of real estate is this: the faster you move it, the more money you save!  That's why it's so important to know the right price for your home.  Do research, talk to an appraisal expert, and find a good realtor to help you price it right. 

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